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Noise Control


Drawing from over forty years of experience in industrial, building, and community noise measurement and noise and vibration remediation, Environmental & Safety Associates, LLC is the pre-eminent noise control consultant in Southwest Florida. We take great pride in the quality of our service - investigating and providing sensible, cost-effective alternatives for noise remediation – and writing reports that are concise and easy to understand.

In the past, most of our work was centered on industrial noise exposure and compliance with OSHA regulations. As heavy industry has diminished, and OSHA has tended to accept hearing protection as a solution, our focus has shifted to community and building noise and vibration issues - including entertainment, construction and highway noise, transmission of sound in multi-unit residential construction, and noise ordinance preparation, training and compliance.


Our approach to noise remediation is quite simple. We work from the source outward, analyzing the propagation path and determining the most cost-effective method to address reduction. But sometimes, we are not interested in remediation, but determining how sound may have influenced a situation. An example would be an accident we investigated where a high background noise level contributed to increased risk.

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