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Facility Safety


Using the principles clearly defined in ANSI B11.0, “Risk Assessment and Reduction for Machinery,” Environmental and Safety Associates, LLC specializes in risk determination and reduction of risk to an acceptable level for all types of machine and facility hazards.

We have received recognition over the past 35 years serving clients worldwide, performing accident investigations and providing consultation and expert witness testimony in dozens of cases involving serious injury or death. As safety professionals, our prime concern is the safety of employees and others.

Our specialty is machine safety. We have performed countless safety surveys in factories throughout the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Our litigation experience also includes several trip and fall cases. We have represented companies cited by OSHA – and OSHA in contests with industry.

Our other specialty is noise measurement and remediation. If your goal is to fully comply with the OSHA Noise Exposure Standard and minimize the use of hearing protection by reducing plantwide noise levels, we can help.

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