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Expert Witnesses

Environmental & Safety Associates, LLC is well-known for our reliability, knowledge of facility safety, and ability to convey information to a jury in simple, easy-to-understand terms, using analogies whenever possible.

In this age of enhanced communications, we have provided webinar-based expert presentations and trial testimony via telephone and Skype. In one fall-related injury half-way around the world, we were able to develop an opinion and testimony from video and other e-mailed evidence leading to a successful settlement - while minimizing our client’s expense.

We have been providing accident investigation and litigation support in civil and criminal proceedings since 1980, qualifying as a safety and noise expert in courts throughout Florida, New York, and nationwide.

Our extensive experience in manufacturing and entertainment disciplines helps us understand the needs of every client. Whether the issue is noise or machine/facility safety, Environmental & Safety Associates, LLC has the expertise, either from within or drawn from our cadre of colleagues.